The Bunky Freeks

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Messrs Noakes, Wheelie, Jeebag, & Man are not proud to present a selection of sound clips. We feel this is an unneccessary threat to the perception of the Bunky Freeks as being one of the greatest bands ever to have funked. This perception is largely based on hearsay and lies spread by the band members themselves and in no way should be taken as an admission of competence.
If some of you choose to disregard this information and continue to labour under the misapprehension that you actually like the Bunky Freeks music then CLICK ON THE LINKS BELOW to hear some of the bands up-tempo fiascos and on your own head be it. You have been warned.

This Song

Freek Out And Be Bunky

What's This Groove

Hot Tuna


To hear the audio clips you will need Windows Media Player. If you don't have Media Player click HERE to download it.

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