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Peely Wally Man was found under a mulberry bush when he was 23 years old. It turns out he is a recovering amnesiac who has no memory of how he got there or even who he is! The only clues were an empty vodka bottle and a packet of "herbal" cigarettes which were found nearby. No fingerprints were found on either item, however, so we don't know who put them there. This person might hold valuable clues as to the identity of Peely Wally Man and we would ask that anyone with this information should come forward.

Peely Wally Man loves gardening and can often be found fiddling with his begonias.....fnarr, fnarr....

It is believed that his characteristic paleness is perhaps a result of living his entire previous life underground. This theory is further borne out by the fact that he seems to have the ability to live without oxygen and to see using infra-red. His body is so luminously white that he glows in the dark and has to wear extra layers of clothing to allow other people to sleep at night. He is considering a career as a lighthouse but is having trouble meeting the height requirement....

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