The Bunky Freeks

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The Band

Jasper Wheelie

Alfie Noakes

Peely Wally Man

Scaldy Jeebag

The Bunky Freeks started a long time ago in a dairy milk far-far away. Coming from a long tradition of Freektopian Mountain Funk, our four bold heroes decided to spread the joy of funkmanship to the rest of freek-kind.
"But where oh where shouldst we begin our quest for enfunkenment?" pondereth the luminous one.
"We shall consult the wisdom of the great Wombulous Freektoilet and pay heed to his teachings!" spaketh the Noakes.
And therin it was written that the quest should be started as near to the centre of the universe as possible. Here our four simpletons devined that this was to be located in the Howe of Fife, somewhere in the vicinity of Kettlebridge. To be quite honest they were probably wrong as their methods relied mostly on which pub served Belhaven Best and was least likely to ban them from drinking there.

Thus the global domination of the Bunky Freeks began in a humble cellar. Admittedly, the quest for global domination has still not borne a great deal of fruit but you never know, it might happen yet!


Significant Others

Arnold Palmer

Patrick Thistle

Petrosilious Zackleman

Roots Ginger

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